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We're with you every step of the way

Custom eyewear is what makes us your go-to vision provider. We understand that advanced technology and personal service is what matters most, that’s why when you give us your prescription, we ensure quality lenses while providing a timely turnaround. We start with accurate measurements, followed by a consultation of the type of lens you need. Whether your lenses are ordered from in-house stock or custom ordered, all processing is done on-site.

In-house eyewear repairs

We have the tools and experience to fix your frames. Yes, we even solder. We are committed to getting your glasses back where they belong in one piece. Bring your broken pair to our store today!

Vintage eyewear restoration

Wearing vintage styles has grown more popular as antique glasses have become more common. As owners of more vintage pairs of glasses than we would care to mention, we will do our best to fit your current lenses in that perfect one-of-a kind frame or get it back to working order. You can also browse our collection of hand-picked vintage frames.

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